• Nude Beach Tour
  • Nude Yacht Charters
  • Island Hopping
  • Fishing Reef / Deep Sea Clothing – Optional
  • Booze Cruise – Clothing Optional
  • Erotic Massage
  • Erotic Situations
  • Swimming with the pigs
  • Present your itinerary – We are flexible
  • Private Island Get-away
  • Cuckold service
  • Regular City / Country Historical Tours
  • Food Tour Traditional Breakfast / lunch

NB – All charters and activities are clothing optional

          All tours must have 6 or more individuals to be confirmed. Should there be less than the required amount for a confirmation we are more than willing to come to a compromise. Our goal is for you to enjoy your time with us while here in The Bahamas.

  To secure a booking re require credit car payment. Your booking is confirmed once payment is received.

There is 24 hr. cancellation policy. There will be absolutely NO refund after 24 hours.

There are several beaches that can be accessed. From Paradise Island and the cruise port the ride can be if 40 forty minutes.

The booking / tour is fully private Just you and your family .

Your tour guide will remain with you / the group for the duration of the tour.

 Depending on you tour option we can accommodate breakfast or lunch.

 We pick up from the cruise port or your hotel.

 Boat / yacht charters, please allow 12 minutes outside of any harbor to go as bare as you dare. That’s right take everything off. YOO-HOO !!!!!!!!!!!

All tours are generally 2.5 two hours and a half.  We are NOT exact.

General beach tours are $ 50.00 per person Complimentary Beverage available. Water, Rum Punch .

If you would like, we are able to provide airport pickup and drop off. This can include grocery / liquor store stops.

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